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Sunday, May 06, 2007

I didn't get to do my Thankful Thursday post this week, so I thought I would do it today:

I am so thankful for answered prayer. Heather is safely out of surgery and doing so well. Thank You Father. You hear and answer prayer.

I am thankful for my oldest son. He turned thirty-eight this week. He is an amazing young man - a devoted husband and father. I look at him and thank God for the blessing he has always been to us.

I am thankful for a sweet daughter who, knowing she would be gone on a trip the sunday of Mother's Day, gave me a gift ahead of time. She is a beautiful young woman inside and out. She is a joy.

I am thankful for my younger son who calls all the time just to say "hi". He works a full-time job, pastors a church, is a husband and father and still takes the time to check on Mom and Dad.
Thank You Lord for taking our feeble attempts at parenting and filling their lives with Your love and grace. We are so blessed.

I am thankful for my salvation. When we sang on the steps of City Hall for the National Day of Prayer, there were the usual people holding signs protesting. One said the rather "unoriginal" SEPARATION of CHURCH and STATE. It was the one that said "Prayer Always Fails" that hurt my heart. As I looked at that young man I wondered what in his life had caused him to feel that way. Had he been hurt in some terrible way and then blamed God? I prayed that the songs that were sung and the prayers that were prayed would somehow touch his heart. How sad not to know that God loves us and that prayer never fails.

Have a blessed Sunday.
  posted at 1:27 PM

At 3:57 PM, Blogger Morning Glory said...

That's so sad about the words on the young man's t-shirt. It really does make you wonder what went so wrong in his life to make him that bitter. Hopefully, someone will enter his life who can show him the truth.

At 3:58 PM, Blogger Kelli said...

I am thankful for....


At 3:59 PM, Blogger momrn2 said...

It is always a good thing to give thanks... regardless of what day it is! ;-)

At 7:45 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Sounds like you have raised some wonderful kids!

At 8:07 PM, Blogger Sharon said...

I enjoyed your thankful list. It sounds like you have raised some great children.

I pray that those protesters will come to know God's Truth soon.

At 10:17 PM, Blogger Cyndi said...

I loved this list so, so much. I loved what you said about your sweet family, and your heart towards that young man with the protest sign. Thank you for helping me to give thanks right along with you. :)

At 10:41 PM, Blogger Dawn said...

That is a very sad thought for sure!! I'm glad he was there, though, and pray that something pierced his wounded spirit.

I hadn't had a chance to read the Dung beetle post - I really learned something new! Roly-polys are our favorite around here. Can you come up with a devotional about them? You probably could.

At 8:57 AM, Blogger lori said...

I am thankful for awesome posts. They are uplifting and bring joy to my heart.

At 9:26 AM, Blogger Linds said...

How sad. We have so much to be thankful for. It just takes a reminder now and then to be aware of them!

At 1:18 PM, Blogger Chris said...

You are truly blessed! What a beautiful thankful list.

At 10:33 PM, Blogger CrownLaidDown said...

Oh, that sign does hurt, Lord hear His cry and run after this one who You made in Your image and love so much!

Bless you Linda...I'm thankful for YOU!

At 6:35 PM, Blogger kittyhox said...

I can't believe people protested your prayer!

It's such a relief to know that the Lord sees and hears all. That he saw those signs and he saw the hurt in your heart.

I pray that all those who mock God and don't believe Him or fight against Him come to Him, in time. I think a lot of time people are so resistant to "religion" because their hearts are full of fear. I just pray that one day they'll be honest with themselves and listen to the voice that calls them.

I'm thankful for people like you who stand up for God. And thank you for sharing your family with us. As a new mother it inspires me.

God bless you!


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