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I am a wife, mom and grandma. I am doing what I've wanted to do all my life. I am a Christian and I love the Lord.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
The Rest of the Story
The Old Homestead

So….Here is the story of our house and my parents’ move here to Texas. My husband and I and our three children moved to Texas from Upstate New York in 1982. We found two beautiful acres on a little dirt road about twenty miles outside of the city. The only neighbors were three ranchers, one other house and a trailer. Our closest neighbors were the cows. The only trouble we ever had with said neighbors was when they found a hole in the fence and decided to ramble on out into the road. A quick telephone call to the rancher usually took care of the runaway problem in no time.

Several years later the changes began. The Christian School our kids attended was given twenty five acres just a short distance up the road from us. That seemed fine. However the increased traffic on our little dirt road created a dust storm you could see for miles. Eventually the road was paved. Then the rancher across from us had to go into a nursing home, and since no one in his family was interested in ranching, the land was sold to a developer. Before we knew it there was a subdivision here. The land was sold in five acre portions – so it wasn’t too bad. But it changed things dramatically.

We reluctantly adjusted to those changes. Little did we know they were just the tip of the iceberg. To make a long, sad story short – we now have another school up the street from us, an HEB shopping center one house down and a Home Depot right across the street (with more developing in the works). We (most of our neighbors and us) fought hard to keep Home Depot out of our neighborhood. However the old saying “You can’t fight City Hall” proved to be all too true. I think the bottom line was money however. Our little city saw the tax revenue from the big box store and simply couldn’t resist.

Before we knew that Home Depot was lurking in the background, my parents moved from Pennsylvania to live with us. They had lost a lot of money on a retirement home they thought would be a good idea for them but turned out to be just another one of those deals that suddenly costs a whole lot more than they promised. My husband built a little four room apartment on the back of our house for them. They were just settling in when Home Depot descended on us.

We endured all the other “progress” with resignation, but this was pretty much the last straw. The country was no longer country, and we just wanted out. The most economical way to do it is for us to build and my parents to buy a little home. They have found a church they love and would like to move closer to it. I feel terrible that they have to make yet another move (they are both in their eighties). I think my Dad is looking forward to having a little place of his own again though. I’m praying all of this will work out for all of us.

The blessing in all of this is that for some reason the city changed our zoning to Commercial, so we can sell to a commercial developer. The people living next to us have already done so. We are going to be surrounded if we don’t get a buyer. Our property has been for sale for almost two years now. There is a great deal of developing going on out here. Everyone and everything is moving out from the city. So we are praying that our land will sell.

It’s been a difficult time. My husband’s health isn’t the best, and he desperately wants out of here. We found five acres in an old subdivision which we bought in hopes of selling soon. And so we wait.

I’m not very good at waiting, but the Lord is using this and a number of other things to teach me the things He would have me know. Above all I am learning to trust. I know He will take care of us and provide exactly what we and my parents will need.

That’s the story. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, if you think about it you could pray the Lord will send us a buyer. We sure would appreciate it.

  posted at 1:29 PM

At 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will pray that you sell fast. It's awesome that your parents are in their 80's and can still look forward to having their own place. It probably helps to move by the great grandkids. This sure will keep them young. I can't stand all the building going on. There won't be any areas left where you can have space if it continues at this pace.

PS thanks for the author recommendations, I will definitaly try them out.

At 3:29 PM, Blogger Sue said...

Relocating can be stressful! Sending prayers that your property sells and it is a smooth transition for your parents!
Thanks so much for the birthday greetings!!

At 4:12 PM, Blogger Pamela said...

Linda, your country home was your perfect little dream place and then, in an instance it all has changed. I feel for you and your family.

Hope is not lost though, it will be no time that your property will sell. I have all the faith in all the world that when all those big commercial outfits come in, well, right around the corner will come their competition. You see it in every city, Checkers likes to go up right next to Mc D's, and Kohl's next to Target, Lowes next to Home Depot. Keep the faith, and God will see you through. We will pray for a speedy sale so that you can move on with building your dream home. :)

Your close blessed family will be your strength in the meantime.

At 8:22 PM, Blogger Vivi said...

Sweet lady, I, too, was gone for the weekend, returning our two baby grands to their parents who just moved back to Texas--yippee! My dad was stationed in upstate NY--Griffis AFB. I went to 5th grade there. Were you near there (Rome)? BEAUTIFUL place! I miss the Fall. We FINALLY got some beautiful rain. I normally mow our 5 acres every 10-14 days in the summer--this year I've mowed ONCE by the end of September! It is very overgrown now, as it really shot up fast with the first rain recently, so our friend will shred it for us eventually.

You have a quality I LOVE in a friend (and I don't have many like this). I used to call it "honesty," but I like to think I'm honest; but now I call it "transparency;" one who just dumps it all out and people like me gasp and recover and say, Hey, I DO like her! Keep it up, dear girl. Civilization is 12 miles away from us on either side, and doesn't appear to be approaching currently. I do know what you mean, especially after driving around McKinney/Frisco all weekend. GAK!

The Lord will provide.

PS I go to Goodfellow and Dyess, on occasion. Where do you go?

At 12:46 PM, Blogger Dawn said...

It is so sad when "progress" takes over beauty and peace and quiet. I just can't stand the way our little town is growing so big. Property is not selling around here very much lately, unless it is brand new. I pray that yours will soon!

I'm glad you have your priorities straight!

At 4:32 PM, Blogger Barb said...

I'm not very good at waiting, either, Linda. Never have been. But I can sure understand why you want out of there. I hope something works out for all of you soon. The four room apartment for your parents sounds like it was the perfect solution. I hope you get a buyer soon and I will, of course, include that in my prayers.

At 12:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll be sending prayers for you tonight. Hope you find a buyer soon. Thanks for your prayers for my baby girl.


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