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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Kicking Rocks
We live on a little two lane country road. It used to be just a little dirt road, but the city seems determined to encroach into our small town. I could write a whole book on that subject!! Suffice it to say, things have changed dramatically. At one time, the only traffic on said road were the vehicles of the other three families who lived here and the cows that seemed to be geniuses in the art of getting out of their pasture. Now it is so busy, we have to plan our walk around the heaviest traffic times – but I digress.
We have not become so civilized as to have sidewalks, so we walk on the side of the road. When I walked alone, I never noticed all the little rocks that make their way into the road, but when my husband started walking with me – he did. For some reason, he feels compelled to kick them out of the road and into the grass along the side. He is clearing the road of potential flying objects (which presumably might hit us as we walk). I thought this a clear waste of energy, but tending to be a follower rather than a leader I soon found myself kicking away at helpless rocks.
I mentioned in a previous post that God uses simple object lessons to teach me truths. Since we have been going through some difficult circumstances, I got to thinking of the rocks as little guys who have gotten into a very bad situation. There they are out in the middle of the road vulnerable to all kinds of potential harm. Cars drive by regularly not to mention trucks and school buses. At any moment they could come to great harm.
This is where I come in. I am like God (only in this little object lesson mind you). I see that the rock is in a very bad place, and so I give it a good kick to get it out of said bad place and into a place of safety. Now the rock probably does not want to be kicked. In fact, the kick is very likely painful to the rock. What it doesn’t understand is, that unless it experiences that brief time of pain, it cannot reach a place where it will be protected and at peace.
I think like the rock, there are times I may be in a place where God thinks I am heading for great harm, or even that I just need to move to a place that is better for me. So He kicks me! The kick may be any number of painful things that happen in life, but if God is doing the kicking I can be assured it is for my good. Once the pain of the kick is over, I find myself in a better place.
Now I realize this leaves a lot to be desired as far as an analogy goes. I very often send the rock flying in the opposite direction I intended, and it ends up in an even more vulnerable place. Not good. There are also times I miss altogether and the poor rock is left sitting exactly where it was.
God doesn’t make mistakes. Anything that comes to me He intends for my ultimate good. He doesn’t just go around aimlessly kicking “rocks”. Sometimes it is just a gentle tap, and other times it takes something a bit more robust to get my attention. I wish I could learn all my lessons the easy way, but I know that I can be downright stubborn sometimes. I’m glad the Lord cares too much about me to leave me in a bad situation and that His kicks come with lots of love and grace.


P.S. It's a much better day today.
  posted at 12:22 PM

At 5:33 PM, Blogger BooMama said...

What a great analogy! Wonderful wisdom in this post...

At 10:12 PM, Blogger mouse said...

Glad you are having a better day today. Know what you mean about your heart crying out for God seems lately my heart has been looking to understand God. I really respect the way you turn to Him for all your answers. Wish I could do that but right now I still have a real fear in trusting anyone, even God to be in control of my life. Got a question for you, I have been reading a King James Bible for a few weeks now, it is really tough to understand what I am reading at times. Do you have any suggestions on a more English Bible that is a good one? I'll check back tomorrow or so.

At 12:59 PM, Blogger sarahdodson said...

I enjoyed reading that, Linda. God never does make mistakes, that's for sure and he is faithful to get us back to where we belong. Thanks for sharing!


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